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The best word... EVER. You can say it in whatever situation. That's all you need to know.
Person 1: I'm bored.
Person 2: Same. Meep.
by ninylovesyou December 28, 2010
the best word ever

a word to be used in surprise
Sneaks up behind girl


girl: Meep!!
by GwennieBear123 September 16, 2010
Originally used to take ones mind off the subject at hand, Meep is now used as a notification of Change of Subject. Meep Can be used when one feels uncomofrtable with the current topic.
Rich: So where is the Potato Heads hidden?

Gareth: MEEP
by Richard =D November 19, 2004
I'm in trouble
by Bailey November 22, 2003
The art of 'meep'ing occurs when a person uses the term in the form of onomatopoeia. The word itself is just a sound that is used to avoid awkward silences or to brighten up the mood of an individual.
Matt: meep! 'Matt was 'meep'ing on the long car journey home to avoid any awkward silences.

Matt: meep! 'Matt was 'meep'ing as he enjoys the art of 'meep'ing and does it to pass time.
by Matttyboy December 21, 2012
A phrase I stole from someone I know. It's a word used mostly at random times to fill silence.

The period at the end of the word is what makes the word what it is, and is VERY important.

(11:21:07) +Nailbomb =/
(21:21:08) +m00c0w yep..
(21:21:09) pablovbas :(
(21:22:06) +m00c0w meep.
by m00c0w August 25, 2004
The sound that a girl makes when trying to be absolutely adorable...
Peter: Hey! You're so cute!!
Elleora: "meep"
by MrAsianPeter November 11, 2013