1. meep means meep
2. meep is meep

usually followed by a single period to express emphasis.
eg. "meep."

meepy, meepness, meeped, meeper, meepification, meeply, meepitis, etc.
Example 1:
BFF no. 1: How do you feel?
BFF no. 2: meep.

Example 2:
Because she had nothing better to say, BFF no. 2 updated her facebook status as "meep."
by a person who is feeling "meep" March 09, 2010
a noise made by a gnome in response to any question.
girl: hey gnome, what are you doing?
gnome: meep!

dude: are you ever going to clean your basement?
gnome: meep!
by Kylea D. December 23, 2006
A Meep (noun):

A mystical creature which resembles of a rabbit, a baby lamb, a fawn and an alpaca.
Meeps are from a different planet, galaxies away.
Their home planet is called Meepland which exploded due to an asteroid fall.
Only one Meep survived and now lives on planet Earth, she is very lonely and is on an ever lasting mission to find another Meep, to reproduce to continue its species.
I'm a Meep and I go Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
by LonelyMeep December 13, 2009
A word of exclamation or excitement when thouroughly overjoyed.
When I passed the test i couldn't help but meep!
by ilovedino February 17, 2009
The best word... EVER. You can say it in whatever situation. That's all you need to know.
Person 1: I'm bored.
Person 2: Same. Meep.
by ninylovesyou December 28, 2010
there are endless definitions; it can mean anything at all if used in the right context. it can express happiness, excitement, sadness, confusion, anger, etc. it is an exclamatory word that can be used in basic conversation, to replace words such as "wow" or "oh".
*Can't hear what someone said* "Meep? I can't hear you."
by Cumb3r November 17, 2010
A filler-word, akin to "like" and "you know." It may be used to substitute swear words or greet a person hello.
1) What the meep did you just say?
2) Have a meep day!
3) Meep! How are you?
4) Gotta go. Meep!
by meepmeepmeepmeepmeepmeep November 14, 2009

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