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interjection. A cry of surprise, people in Manga use it as an exclamation. Kids in some schools use it as a signal to move.
The little girl cried. "Meep!" when she saw the grade on her test.
by Mariah M. April 20, 2006
31 14
Meep is a word used to describe someone who is looking adorably cute. When a person is cuddly looking, and looks like you just want to poke them or hug them, you would refer to them as a Meep. (or they look meeplike, are meep-ey, etc.)
"AWE! you are such a meep all huddled up in your sweatshirt and blanket that i just want to hug you!!"
by Maddiee October 04, 2007
46 31
a crazy saying when your super excited.
"Meep! Meep! Meep!"
by Chelsea and Marie April 08, 2004
42 27
A term used by people with ADHD to describe a positive emotion as their thoughts are too quick to think of a full description.
Person A)So we've been going out for over a year now how do feel our relationship is going?
Person B)I love you Meep Meep Meep!
by MrsMeepster July 10, 2008
26 12
Expression of joy or excitement.
You just won the spelling bee!
by R.E.C.S April 14, 2008
29 15
an expression of fear, or dread or just anxiety.
"My driving test is tomorrow. MEEP!"
by susancic October 05, 2008
19 8
a sound one makes when being glared at just to look cute or just a mimicery of an animal
That is the stupidest thing i have ever hear! *log glaring silence* >.> <.<

YOU- ".....meep?"
by Ashwee ^.^ March 27, 2008
22 13