meep can mean an entire harry potter book series with that one word.
little jimmy: dad. can you read me the new harry potter book ?
dad:alright son. harry potter and the magical sock... meep.
little jimmy thanx dad or meep
(retarted sitcom music plays and everyone laughs. including people not meanchened)
by DMG hero January 29, 2011
a socially awkward person with a generally bad attitude who is secretly very clever and acceptable looking but doesn't get any action because they can't function in public.
often, meeps communicate to eachother in secret meep slang that real people don't understand.
they tend to simultaneously mock and try to emulate indie/hipster fashion and musical trends and make fun of most of the things they secretly love: kanye, american apparel, gossip girl.
"I'd rep, but she's such a meep. She probably doesn't speak english or walk around or anything."

meep 1: awk that chuck has so many asian hookers that live at his house
meep 2: he is a junior in highschool afterall. love those clevz gg writers
by Serena vandergaf December 03, 2007
the sound made by a FAP in attack mode.
You will only know that you are being attacked by a FAP by the subtle "meep" his mouth emits as he jumps.
by anon June 13, 2004
a fairly amazing band from the kansas city area.
man, i just heard meep at and they were fairly amazing!
by dylan January 14, 2004
the BEST MEEPING word in the MEEPING world!!
meep yoo mother meeper!
by Jenn-knee-fur ((JENN)) December 09, 2003
Meep: noun, verb, adjective (various forms.) origin - University of Illinios during a party circa 1980. The the word and it's use was reportly started when someone was watching the Road Runner cartoon and right before he passed out, he said "meeeeeep" and ended his participation in the party whiel the rest of his friends went out. Usually pronouced with an extended long e sound.

noun - (meep)
1. a person that crashes early before party is over
2. someone that ends an enjoying time abruptly
3. a person that would prefer to do something boring while others have fun

verb - (meeped, meeping, to meep)
1. to make a mistake or choice that ends their own or others enjoyment.
2. alternate, modern - a poker term describing the act of making a bad decision that costs all your chips or ends a tournament for you. Not exclusive to poker. Can be used in any competetive context.

adjective - (meeply, meepish)
1. describing someone as a meep.
usage -
1. He is such a meep.
2. To meep, or not to meep; that is the question.
3. Twilly is not here because he is meeping. He has to go to work early in the morning.
4. Why doesn't Bob comes out more often with us? I don't know, he is just meeply I guess.
5. That party was a gas until John meeped and everyone left.
6. I was doing great in that poker tournament until I meeped and lost all my chips trying to buy a pot with ace high.
by J.R. or Junior June 11, 2006
Originally used or coined as such on FurryMUCK.
Used when happy to see someone or as stated in other definitions 'Wow that person is hot!' Also in a greeting or showing surprise, questioning.. See other definitions for alternate usage.
Usually used by a mustelid character; Skunk, badger, mink, weasel, ferret..etc. Not to be confused with YIFF.
Morgan has arrived.
Har'lea'quinn MEEPS!
(Har'lea'quinn is a friend.)
Morgan meeps in surprise as he's pounced!
by Morgan March 31, 2005

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