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often used in the form of a greeting, in the same context as "boo" or used to substitue another word in answer to question. A term of indifference
"Meep, how are you?"
"how are you?" "meep!" (accompained with shurg)
by princess hev May 26, 2005
5 14
The sound the little black monster guys in the Image comic "The Maxx" makes.
Little black monster says, "meep meep meep!"
by ScootyPuff Jr January 07, 2005
4 13
a socially awkward person with a generally bad attitude who is secretly very clever and acceptable looking but doesn't get any action because they can't function in public.
often, meeps communicate to eachother in secret meep slang that real people don't understand.
they tend to simultaneously mock and try to emulate indie/hipster fashion and musical trends and make fun of most of the things they secretly love: kanye, american apparel, gossip girl.
"I'd rep, but she's such a meep. She probably doesn't speak english or walk around or anything."

meep 1: awk that chuck has so many asian hookers that live at his house
meep 2: he is a junior in highschool afterall. love those clevz gg writers
by Serena vandergaf December 03, 2007
6 16
What a gnome says

Me: Hi Gnome!
Gnome: Meep!
by jojobear October 01, 2005
7 17
evrything and nothing or part of a word
meep or your lord meepiness
by rob mcginness December 14, 2003
9 19
one who is NOT Merp.
see:Merp, Morp
Yikes, Meep!
Did you see that Meep was checking you out!
by Wednesday November 25, 2003
5 15
There is no real definition for the totally pitch implied definition of meep, or of meaning to a phrase, a sentance, ansd more.
...meep pitch (loud) Translation: F---k off!!!
by Tum August 30, 2003
7 17