"Meep" M (like in "meat") - ee(like in "teeth") - p(like in "put")

Often put randomly in sentences, or when typed inbetween asterixes (*meep*) as a way of light-heartedly or jokingly cringing.

Also known from the Neopets Petpet, Meepit, wich is supposed to make a "meep" sound.
*Meep* I didnt hand in my homework
by Callin Fear March 15, 2006
An exclaimation
meeeeeep!!!! oh no!
by Ham-tar-oh March 16, 2003
someone who tries and is normally fairly successful at life, but at moments fails miserably at being cool. There is no cure. As the notorious adage goes, once a meep always a meep.
Those Tulane girls are such meeps... I can't believe they walked out of that awesome concert to go chill in the dorms because it was "too crowded"
by JRO2 May 13, 2011
Meep is AWESOME!!
Just use whenever you have nothing worse to say, possibly the most awesome word of all time!!
A word that got banned at some schools.
Student: Meep.
Studentette: Meep?
Student's Friend: I have no idea what the meep you're meeping about.
Student: Meeping is FUN!
Principal: You three will have to come to detention 72 hours after school!
All: Aww...
by Meeparya February 14, 2011
Just about THE best word you can ever use, Patented and perfected by Henna & Lauren :)
* "I'm going to put you in the headlock of love"
* "meeeeeepppp :( "

* "MEEP =D"
by Pshhhsike December 27, 2010
A social characteristic derived from a mixture between the mentalities and physical characteristics of a monkey and a sheep.

Most notably found in Thailand.
You bunch of worthless meep don't deserve a democracy.
by notameep September 12, 2010
Meep is the sound that they make on TV when someone says a swear word that gets edited. An example would be like the trailer trash guests do on the Maury Povich show, after the paternity test results are revealed.
Whats goin on with you and my girlfriend? You Meep son of a Meep, you Meep my wife and now you her Meep baby's daddy!
by SweetMaryJane July 07, 2010

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