A word used to describe those who are alternative/hippyish and may posess a moon-shaped face.* They are not open-minded or tolerant.

*Treat these people with severe trepidation.
''She's such a Meekings!''
by Ellen-Grace June 13, 2008
Top Definition
When a person gets upset at you for not tweeting them, liking their Facebook/IG photo or share their post. They tend to go on a rant about you, either telling all your business or making things up.
*Drake doesn't tweet about Meek Mill's new album*
Meek: Drake doesn't write his own raps, he has a ghostwriter. *And such other accusations*
A fan: Damn, he be meeking too much. Everybody knows Drake writes his own verses.
by RubiYo September 27, 2015
To take so many L's at once that you become the essence of the letter.
My boy was meeking hard last night, asked 10 girls but got 0 digits.
by landood June 26, 2016
When a person gets upset at you for not tweeting their album, liking their facebook or instagram photo, sharing their post, calling, or texting them back. Then they began to rant stuff about you that either is spreading your business or they are making shit up.
Meek "Stop comparing drake to me too.... He don't even write his own raps! That's why he ain't tweet my album because we found out!"

~This nigga stay meeking~
by Penguin4289 September 28, 2015
The act of boasting so much about something you plan to do, that you oversell the event to people. Then the delivery is so aggressively average or intensely disappointing, it hurts your reputation.
Tatakho: He would'a lost that beef even if Drake didn't reply bruh.
You: Why?..
Tatakho: He was Meeking...
by Mr_Ryt_Now September 17, 2015
Starting something you can't finish.
Facebook thugs are always meeking.
by SillyJayye September 07, 2015
the action of continuing an argument/discussion that you have already shamefully, painfully and obviously lost.
Bruh, stop meeking your argument is invalid!
by TeamDrake September 05, 2015
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