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The sound Eric Cartman makes when he doesn't want to do work
Stan: You're gonna read this stuff and study like the rest of us!

Cartman: meeh! m-meehhhh!!

Kyle: Shut up and study!

Cartman: meehhh! meh meh....

South Park commercial:

by Manbearpig510 March 08, 2008
to mean something is okay, or just plain average.
The movie was okay, thats why i rated it meeh.
by Ashley H May 08, 2005
The Nisga'a way of saying niple
Hey Man Ur Me'eh is showing
by NIGGIN May 11, 2007
A homosexual living in the closet. Typically he or she has a difficult time acting heterosexual. Usually to try and hide his or her gayness he or she travels a lot for work where he or she can have a lot of gay sex.
He acted like Meeh when he traveled for business and went on a gay sex binge.
by Smougy November 02, 2008

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