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Meed is otherwise known as a verb. To ascertain, to love, to suck on ones ass like necro's.
morningXestrella: you.suck.ass.
GeCKo1GHz: is it yours at least?
morningXestrella: no
morningXestrella: its necros
GeCKo1GHz: eww
by Anthony July 12, 2003
4 16

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(v.), Meaning to have Sex with another person.
"Wow, Look at that guy! He is hott!"

"I Know Mannnn, I really wanna meed with him!"
by Musiclvr14 March 24, 2009
24 6
shortened term often used instead of medium. extremely versatile and can be used for anything that isn't exceptionally bad or good.
Johnny: How was the handy last night?
Tom: Meed at best.
by skismatt March 05, 2005
9 6