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Plural of mice. Taken from the song "Scrooge" in "The Muppet Christmas Carol".
"No cheeses for us meeces."
by nike_new_york January 11, 2008
1. A non-Personalized insult, which can be said to any race, gender, etc, etc,. And has little meaning.

2. A word used to put emphasis to a term, in some cases much like a cuss.
1. Oh, you are such a Meece!

2. What the Meece are you doing?
by Chocfish December 29, 2007
1. The plural of mice. First you have a mouse, then you have a group of mouses which is mice. Then you have a group of mice. That's a meece.

2. It's when you say "miss", and you realllly miss someone so you pronouncing the I like an E.
1. Dude, did you see the meece??? I almost shit myself!

2. I want you to come out of hiding in Mexico. I meece you sooo much!!!
by El Kirko August 30, 2009
1. The Plural of "Moose"

2. an award given to someone who did/does great things that are above average.
1.On my vacation, I saw 3 meece.

2. I think Bob deserves a Meece because he helped me when I was dying.
by Raven August 22, 2003