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meticulous + ridiculous...

used to describe things like monty python or hitchhikers guide to the galaxy where the utmost care is taken to make things as perfectly ridiculous as possible.
wow...that stunt he planned was just mediculous
by TheSanityAssassin November 10, 2004
6 Words related to mediculous
1: adv. Medically Ridiculous; relative to a surgical procedure.
2: adj. Having Amazing Medical Quality
3: adv. Pertaining to a Laceration or Broken Bone.
1:"That lobotomy was Mediculous, son!"
2:"Man this shit is so heady! They must have used some Mediculous equiqment"
3:"Oh Shit! Dude, look at your leg! That's Mediculous!"
by ChatTownWild August 05, 2009

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