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Feeling bleary and gross from the side-effects of prescription medications that doctors aggressively pour down your throat.
I keep spacing out at work because I've got medicine head from these new blood-pressure pills I'm taking.
by diabetesboy67 January 22, 2012
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When you have a beezy drink a bunch of nyquil/tussin/chloraseptic spray to numb the throat so she can better swallow (you know what i mean)
She couldnt take it all so I made her give me medicine head the other night
by Jjones26 November 10, 2009
When your bitch gargles listerine and gives you head at the same time.
Bitch, you got some stanky-ass breath, get yo ass in the bathroom and give me some medicine head.
by Dougan September 10, 2004
Mental fogginess resulting from having taken cold/flu medicine. Common side effect of certain antihistamines.

"I took some NyQuil and now I have medicine head like you wouldn't believe. Everything feels and looks surreal -- but at least I can breathe without coughing."
by patchcali April 11, 2008

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