A person who is obsessed with knowing everything about anything, as soon as it happens. They spend all the time they can on Twitter, Facebook or news websites, repost everything they see, and will constantly talk about what they've seen or read or heard online. They usually feel completely lost without a link with that technology, namely their smartphone. They often prefer their online relationships or conversations to face to face interaction.
Samantha can't live 2 seconds without checking her phone, in case something happened since she last looked. She's become a media whore!
by Diplos October 28, 2011
Similar to a camwhore but one who takes extra excitement when the camera is attached to a member of the media, be it the press, movie sets, sports arenas, etc. Especially likes to be interviewed. May have to struggle to retrieve the microphone. Often can be found waving at the camera behind the scenes, sometimes with a sign. (See Today show or Good Morning America)
He is such a media-whore that he listens to the police radio so he can go to an accident scene to get interviewed by the news reporters.
by Damien June 18, 2006
Media whores is a term used in the early 60's during campaigns and refered to publishers and editors of newspapers that would not cover a candidate without an ad buy. The buy was refered to as a "little kiss". The more money a candidate had the more of a story they would get from the "media whores". If a campaign made an ad buy and counted on a good story but were then disappointed they would "kiss off" the buy with a cancelation.

There are over 200 presidential candidates in 2008 yet you only hear of 17 and that is the results of the entire media being media whores. Media whores will write no news stories to whore up to wealthy candidates, hence Edwards hair cut, Obama Clinton Spat, and Hillarys clevage, and Hillary walking down the street in Clear Lake, Iowa got ink.
by airfest September 04, 2007
A so-called journalist or pundit who mindlessly parrots the Republican party line and/or sucks up to the Bush administration, at the expense of the truth and objectivity.
You can't trust Fox News. They're all a gang of media whores.
by Stop the Pendulum May 24, 2006
Also see: Paris Hilton.
Since she is filthy rich by birth, Paris Hilton seeks international overexposure to prove her self-worth.
by Erica, @1979 November 28, 2004
Someone who knows way to much about the media mediums, such as music, movies, celebrities and Video Games. This person sucks up all the information and never seems to forget it, and usually can answer anything about the medias on the spot.
"What Movie is on?"
*after one second of seeing the movie*
"thats insert movie title"
"you really are a mediawhore"
by Kyle Vesa December 06, 2006
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