Media whores is a term used in the early 60's during campaigns and refered to publishers and editors of newspapers that would not cover a candidate without an ad buy. The buy was refered to as a "little kiss". The more money a candidate had the more of a story they would get from the "media whores". If a campaign made an ad buy and counted on a good story but were then disappointed they would "kiss off" the buy with a cancelation.

There are over 200 presidential candidates in 2008 yet you only hear of 17 and that is the results of the entire media being media whores. Media whores will write no news stories to whore up to wealthy candidates, hence Edwards hair cut, Obama Clinton Spat, and Hillarys clevage, and Hillary walking down the street in Clear Lake, Iowa got ink.
by airfest September 04, 2007
Top Definition
A media figure who will throw their mom under a bus and then sell her soul to get a ratings high.
Did you watch Im The Dim calling the Taliban murderers his brothers? He called on Pakistan army and citizens to surrender to them. He's such a mediawhore, he'll pimp his mom if it gets him airtime.
by skcpublic January 22, 2012
A celebrity who sells out their integrity and endorses products or services on TV commercials.
Mike Rowe is a Media Whore!
by Piranha February 02, 2011
1. Someone with an almost pathological need to be on TV, for most part blocked by the movies since very,very, few would pay to see him or her. The 21st Century is made for someone like this, where no talent, and worst of all, no brains, is not a block to getting on TV show how, some where.

2. Sarah Palin. Any questions?
Sarah Palin. Bristol Palin. Media Whore.
by Takomaguy May 04, 2013
one who seeks attention by any means necessary
Jack says "OMG why did she just jump into that DRAMA" Jane says "Because she is a media whore "
by senseofspeed December 15, 2012
1. A person who has a psychological need to get into TV, Film, Radio or Print.
2. A person who becomes aroused almost sexually by seeing or hearing themselves or about themselves in the media.
Most people who audition for reality TV series or write excessive numbers of letters to the editor are nothing more than media whores.
by Belinda April 17, 2004
Anyone person who is willing to sell every aspect of there private life to the highest bidder in the media world
'OMG!!!! TMZ has a new article on there website with a exclusive detailed interview on how Kim Kardashian wipes her ass with her left hand!'

'OMG! Kim's such a media whore'
by Fcuk You September 20, 2014
Someone who feeds from the aknowledgement of others over social media. The types of media whore are:

1. The 'loner' - this whore will go on to a social media and suck the life out of one single target looking for friendship.

2. The 'twit' - these whores are twitter 'over-users', who post crap about their lives that nobody needs to know.

3. The 'leech' - these whores absorb the creative works of others, then shit it out as a big bunch of uselessness, which they spam all over the internet.
Justin Bieber is one example of the media whore type: 'leech'. Thats all you need, Justin Bieber. Perfect example
by criticalcritic November 01, 2013

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