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1. The system of maintaining control over a nation by utilizing the media, usually perpetrated under the guise of "Freedom of Speech". A system of mediocracy is not limited strictly to using the mass media or mainstream media to achieve its ends. It may often use "independent" and "underground" media outlets, such as blogs and podcasts, to achieve its ends.

2. The third horseman of the Military Industrial Media Complex (formerly known as the Military Industrial Complex).
def. 1. - The United States claims to be a democracy but in reality it is a mediaocracy.

def. 2. - The mediaocracy is instrumental in creating an environment of unrest and political, social, class, & racial polarization among our citizens to distract them from the real issues.
by stonelotus May 03, 2007
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virtual government - the system whereby a virtual executive is directed by the multi-media voting patterns of a mass on-line legislature.
*You are enfranchised and given access to all levels of the mediaocracy. You must express your opinions, desires, thoughts. You must vote for what you want.....*
by biograph April 21, 2011
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A form of government or society by which all eligible* citizens are well established to the world and have an equal say in the decisions** that affect their lives and the lives of others.This form of government or society allows individuals to participate equally —indirectly through social networking.

*Eligibility determined via their usage of mass media services, such as email, websites, blogging, Internet and television. Note: greater usage = greater eligibility

**Decisions are based on the information they received from their mass media connections to the world.
We live in a media-ocracy- people decide how to vote based on the information mass media provides.

Alternative spelling: medi-ocracy
by iMonkey November 02, 2012
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