Multi Ethnic Destruction In America.
Research about it. The media is corrupt. (this isn't an example)
by illuminatihater March 20, 2011
1. adj. mediocre, fine, not great, okay, so-so
2. adv. mediocrely, in a not so great manner

Usually accompanied by a so-so hand gesture and often used to denote when a previous statement is untrue or only half-true.
-Dude, that chick is totally hot.

I was thinking about going to the beach today, but then I realized I was only medium psyched.
by misstrionics June 08, 2005
Ancient country, the inhabitants of which, the Medians, ruled over an empire stretching from Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) to the Indus Valley in India. The Medians closest relatives today are the Kurds.

Unfortunately, as with most Kurdish history which supports the fact that the Kurds have lived in their current homeland for thousands of years, a lot of evidence has been hidden/destroyed when the Kurds, like so many forgotten peoples, were trying to be assimilated and wiped out, forgotten. But they're not!

And we still know our history bastards!!! Can't hide the truth...
They're mentioned many times in the bible...
by Yowassup May 17, 2005
in spite of my own bias against the media, I'll explain it. The media has the potential to do good in this country by ensuring that the 2 party political system works - it makes the people hate the president in office (democrat or republican), and then ensures that the other party is elected soon afterwards, ensuring a balance of power.
On the bad side, the media has slanted, and outright lied about any war since and including the war in Vietnam (where we virtually destroyed North Vietnam and decimated the Viet Cong but pissed off the wrong countries after we left), and are once again outright lying, slanting and re - interpreting footage of the war. A great tool to ensure political stability nowadays, but something which has virtually no place in the military due to their unwarlike nature and ignorance of warfare.
When president Clinton was in power, the media bombarded him as a result of whatever they could find, most especially Monica Lewinsky(but other things as well). When Bush arrived in power, They criticized the war in Iraq, and may have contributed to making him look like an idiot (although he's not exactly the best public speaker - "nucular" instead of "Nuclear"
by Mr. Baltimore November 13, 2006
a type of music for some people. this is the kind of music for people who only listen to songs that are popular on the radio. if you look into someone's ipod that listens to this type of music most likely they will have many, many artists but there will be only one or two songs under that artist.
guy1: hey what are you listening to?

guy2: Media.

guy1: Ooooh, I get it. You don't have inner individuality.

guy2: Exactly...Damn i have to pick another artist this single song is over.
by Tsunami Hturt September 25, 2008
The plural of medium. It should never be used as a singular. The sentence "The media is biased" is grammatically similar to "The dogs is barking" or "The children is playing". Radio is a communications medium, a newspaper is a medium, etc. Collectively they are called "The Media".
The media are biased.
DVD and Blu-Ray are my favorite video media.
by GrammarNut October 18, 2010
pronounced: mee-dee-um

1. venue
2. one (usually an old, ugly woman) who supposedly communicates with the spirits of the dead
3. a crappy-ass TV show that had no future from the begginning
1. The medium I use to go Internetting is Internet Explorer 8, because Firefox is too cluttered and visually unappealing with no address bar memory, Chrome doesn't have fullscreen or address bar memory, and Opera… I forget why.
2. It's a wonder how the medium industry survives when the idiot population skyrockets… Oh, wait…
3. "Medium" sucks.
by Nuclear Tank Factory March 24, 2009
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