used by the government to distract the country's citizens from real social issues, also seen as mind control
Americans are slaves to the media.
by MissX September 05, 2006
Top Definition
Apparently the reason for 99% of America's problems
"Because of the liberal media..."
"The media has distorted..."
by nj February 27, 2004
a source of information that many take at face value. some truths are told, some are lies. im not saying all media lies to control us, but everyone has some sort of bias and the media does as well. learn to hear/read/watch the media and form your own conclusions, dont blindly follow and dont blindly reject because lets face it, none of us have first hand knowledge for everything.
fox and cnn may lie to us, but they also tell the truth at times, learn to filter through it and come to your own conclusions
by visual77 September 18, 2003
The evolved form of High School gossips.
The media is interested in the interesting because they themselves are uninteresting.
by starky August 25, 2007
a source of information that targets stupid news instead of REAL news. media is the reason why people are still miserable in war torn countries like the democratic republic of the congo and ghana and communist/facist societies like north korea because the stupid american's are soooooooooo concidered about what katie holmes is doing instead of sending funds to developing nations who desperately need it.
while mindless americans drool at E! looking at hugh hefner's slutty concubines, thousands of people are going hungry and are being slaughtered in dufur.

(sarcastically) thank you media!
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 27, 2006
A public service that provides protection from the truth.
ME: What are your thoughts on media newspaper The Advertiser?
MITCH: Well you see, I like to be protected from the truth.
by JonnoFTW July 28, 2007
Sources of (subjective) information (plural). All media are more or less biased, so it's up to you to filter that bias and try to find the least biased sources.

Media is the plural of medium, although this fact is usually disregarded. Point this out to people if you want to feel superior.
Person A: I watch Fox News because it gives me the important events of the world in an exciting package.
Person B: Fox News is more biased than any official government channel would dare to be.
Person A: It's a media - of course it's biased. It's doesn't matter which media I use.
Person B: Why don't you learn the difference between a plural and a singular before trying your hand at logic.
by Pietari Seppänen June 01, 2005
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