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A person who does,says,thinks and believes everything popular culture and/or the media tells them to.

This term comes from the fact that these people follow the popular media like mice follow the dominant mouse in a cage or in a mousehole.

Often old enough to think for themselves, but are often too lazy or too obsessed with conformity and being liked to do so.

See also follower and conformist.
Record company executive: "Conformity is a beautiful thing! Let's get a few scantily clad blondes to dance around and pretend to sing and some stereotypical thuggish-looking black men skulking around in tacky-looking diamonds and pants hanging to their ankles to make up nonsense songs and unintelligible phrases. We'll make a fortune!"

A&R guy: But don't you think we should sign someone with talent who maybe isn't so visually exciting?

Record company executive: Nonsense Tom, these kids are media mice. They'll buy whatever MTV and BET tell them to. Put a few of these videos and TV and, bam we're rich!
by Chandra May 15, 2005
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