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A tiny, overdeveloped piece of land which has/had 22 lakes and a P.J. Whelihan's. Medford Lakes includes its own k-8 school system and underworked, overpaid police force which has nothing better to do than roam the streets aimlessly. While there may be drug activity in ml, not everyone does drugs or knows where to buy pot, contrary to the beliefs of many snobs from surrounding areas. The high of a typical 'laker' kid is getting out of our school system into Shawnee High School or BCIT. While Medford Lakes may not be the best place in the world, at least we don't have rich snobs or rapists and murderers.
Medford Lakes used to have Settler's Inn.... which kind of burnt down...
by medford is just jealous August 24, 2005
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Med. Lakes is the coolest place ever! not just kaz the hottest guy in the world lives ther ((guy)) but everyone there is EXTREMLY nice. Medford Lakes is small but it mucho better then medford((where i live)). People from medford are rich snobs and i really dont like most of them, but people from medford lakes are the best! dont diss medford lake people just kaz they aren't as rich as you are... that doesn't matter.
intresting fact tho... medford lakes only has 7 light posts ((thanx to max and guy who counted. and max lives near 3 of them))
Person:wow look at that person he is soo nice. i wish people from medford were like that
Person 2:medford people are like that but that is deff. a medford laker they are the coolest!
by -person March 28, 2005
you no its bullshit soem kid from medford rights about ml being full of drug addicts and yea youre fuckin right thats true but noone form medford is better then anyone from lakes see in lakes we dont run around with a bottle of dirty vodka and daddys money screaming were wasted
we throw down like its our job we got the nicest green and freshest champagne so fuck anyone else dude lakes is the party
bill stone of med lakes, coolest mother fucker.
by bob stone March 28, 2005
where to begin. this poor excuse for a town is approx. 1.2 square miles. Of its 27 lakes, most were destroyed when the town was washed away, and probably wont be refilled for years to come. a classic med laker would be caught at riv, grabbing a slice, and taking off..or at wawa with a prime case of the munchies. lakers enjoy smoking pot, getting trashed, and thinking of everyway possible to seperate medford kids from medford lakers. you live in lakes, you ride your bike. not just any bike, a classic beach bike with large handle bars and a large seat, some with baskets. your parents dont give a shit about your life, and you have the best times of your life at a random field where no one can find you. you know everyone around you, and can pronounce all the names of the random street signs no outsiders can read. you shop at murphys, and buy your gas at mobil. when your thirsty, you invest in a half gallon of ice tea at wawa, and couldn't have anything better. overall, everything about your life is a joke and you wouldn't have it any other way.
whos that sketch kid over there staring at nothing, who cares, some stoner from medlakes
by - - - - March 19, 2005
Medford Lakes is the best place ever. We have 2 schools and many fat kids. Pig Josh is a fat kid along with S mc. Sean McMahon (Smc) is the biggest hard ass ever. He cant beat any kid up yet tries to act like he could. I want to see him and Dave Rardin get in to a big fight. Yea we do have many pot heads, but not as many as Medford. We get all our pot from them. We also have some of the coolest kids. Matt Plowman ( who is a Medford kid) is the biggest LOSER EVER. Just like GARY. Na Gary is cool. We also have some kids that think they are the best at a sport, but aren’t. They love to play with there hair and cry if Adam or Gary doesn’t want to do something with them. Im not going to mention his name but it begins with a M. Wow what can I say about the lake that we have. Im going in it and swimming all summer and all u Medford spoiled rich bitches can go in your nice pool and have no fun at all you little bitches . S mc, go eat some num nums.
I live in Medlakes and proud of it
by Med Laker May 03, 2005

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