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someone who has flabby and meaty thighs.
e.g. a fat girl would have meaty thighs
person: that person could make their own meat spin with thighs that meaty

person: gotta love my meaty thighs
by cheese cheese cheese March 06, 2009
The portion of the body sited above the knee, below the waiste and on the inside of the leg. Usually touched by Uncles, preists and dads. Well Paul's is.
The priest gasped when he saw the little boys meaty thigh and he popped 300,000 boners per sec and almost fainted. But no, he grabbed it and rubbed his penis on it and came all over it and then got sued for a million dollars for not licking his mess off.
by Miles March 29, 2005
Person either man or woman who has big thighs of either muscle or fat
The defeated blond guy was picked up and slungover the shoulder of the big Nigerian warrior who had knocked him out in the fight.He was carried out of the arena with his meaty thighs ]hanging down at the front of the fearsome Africans shoulder.
by vicmorania April 18, 2015
Upper leg region of a generously weighted individual, generally felt up by preists/fathers.
He felt up the meaty thigh of paul *******
by brother to gf of stoner March 29, 2005
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