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Arms that resemble giant over-packed sausage links.
"She wrapped her MEAT SLEEVES around a carton of smokes and bag of cheesy poofs."
by MrSalamander May 06, 2008

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beef curtain(s) meat curtain meatsleeve
noun: long and meaty labia seemeat curtain resembling window drapery of a bovine nature. See beef curtain(s)
(( As your first date with hottie trixxi descends the stairs to greet you.......!! You respond with..." a wolf whistle which turns into a retching gagging noise resembling a dying gopher. Trixxi! your meatsleeves are showing below the hem of your skirt. Roll up the cuffs for criminy's sake, or you might trip over them, and hurt yourself." K that's better" Remember.. Safety first :o)
by i p nightly September 09, 2005