One who loves meat in ones mouth.
Doug is a flat out meatmouth. This guy loves the cock.
by spechtacular the greatest December 22, 2011
Top Definition
A nasty, dirty, toothless prostitute, typically a crack whore or meth whore, that will suck any old dirty dick for drug money. Meat Mouth's may also be marked by herpes cold sores and excessive use of Carmex.
Don: Hey Frank. Let's head home. It's closing time and they are cutting us off.

Frank: Ok. But let's drive through the hood on the way home. I wanna spot that nasty two dollar crack ho. I need me a little Meat Mouth before I call it a night.
Don: Sounds good. Maybe I can get me a Hot Gummy too. But last time she blew me those lips were like sand paper. Hopefully this time she's a little more Carmexual this time.
by Dick Betweenus March 29, 2015
Someone who enjoys sucking dick.
Your mom is a real meatmouth.
by collegewhore April 26, 2004
a chick that gobbles up cock like she needs it
dude my girlfriend is a total meat mouth
by the retarded nazi December 23, 2009
occurs when the oral cavity is filled with a large amount of manmeat.
There's no way she could get out a sentence, being that she had a meatmouth from the basketball team for the entire afternoon.
by Richard the Lionheart November 30, 2007
An omnivore, carnivore, or meat eater.
Caroline: So how was your date with Tim?
Emily: I don't know... We went to dinner and dude ordered a hamburger.

Caroline: Ew. He's a meat mouth?

Emily: Yup. I mean, I liked him, but now that I've seen him chew and swallow a burned-up animal, I'm grossed out.

Caroline: I don't blame you.
Emily: Just the idea of sticking my tongue in his mouth makes me want to puke.
by shadesofdrab May 13, 2015
The rawness of an arsehole as its violently widened by an exiting meal, often curry. In occasional cases, leaves the pipe smelling faintly of pork or beef.

Often causes bleeding, see Coughing Tramp.
"Hello darling, how are you?"

"Not too good actually, I just had a shit but I've got a right Meat Mouth now..."
by Locus Fender June 21, 2007
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