A position that many cats and kittens prefer to relax in. It's usually in a straight-forward lump with the head and tail protruding, you can't see their paws or feet, as they are buried.
My cat Munchie meatloafs with his head down.
by God November 15, 2004
(v) having sex with a woman while she is on her period. Derived from the red, tomato-based sauce found on top of meatloaf
Jeff: Dude, why is there so much blood on your bed?
Justin: Me and Natalie were totally meatloafing last night.
by cdiddy328 July 13, 2012
When two people shove shit up each others' asses.
Steve was meatloafing so hard with Alex so hard that Alex's shit poured out of Steve's anus.
by Stephen Crampton January 22, 2007

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