When a person has chest hair that curls up and out of their shirt around their neckline.
" Look at that dude over there with the blue v-neck shirt; he's so hairy he has a serious meatball sandwich going on"
#sandwich #meetball #sanwitch #meatball #meatballs
by SgtShaggyBalls January 25, 2010
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you take horse shit cover it in blood and smoosh it in between two pieces of Wonder bread and Ta-daa a meatball sandwich
That meatball sandwich sure was good mummm mummmm mummm
#horse #shit #wonder #meatball #blood #smoosh
by Max Owen June 02, 2008
When a man stretches his ballsack under his legs and into his butt crack. Thus resembling two buns and two meatballs in sandwich form.
I was on ChatRoulette and some dude gave me the finger. So I just turned around, bent over and gave him a meatball sandwich.
#penis #ballsack #chatroulette #ass #webcam
by koolkid47 June 24, 2011
Placing your dick n balls inside a bun and delivering it to a someone
Here babe have this meatball sandwich
#meatball #sandwich #dick #n #balls
by yourmomb1tch September 16, 2013
when a male tucks his penis and balls in between his ass cheeks. hence, meatball sandwich.

also what james did on big brother 9.
the black quarterback on the football team showed his teammates his meatball sandwich in the locker room.
#bb9 #big brother 9 #faggot #gay #black #balls #dick
by Bradley S. March 25, 2008
Meatball Sandwich occure when someone named Ian creates a gerbil suit from the skin of live gerbils and prances around his living room alone.
Ian went home for a Meatball Sandwich before dinner.
by Ian Kristenson March 17, 2004
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