A person who thinks highly of themselves; Arrogant and uneducated, With nothing to back up their decisions or actions.
"Well.. he (she) seemed smart, Untill he started talking. What a Meatwhistle"
by Bichin July 16, 2009
a girl ( or the usable portion of said girl) so loose as to create a whistling effect upon motion, much like blowing across the mouth of an empty bottle.
Do you have a clarinet in your pants or is it just your meatwhistle?

"Brought a regular meatwhistle home from the bar last night. had to switch to her ass to feel anything."
by teabagger_1773 December 02, 2011
1. A pussy fart.

2. The greatest coed 16" softball team ever.
As I went down on her she let out two Meat Whistles in my mouth.
by ticky ty main October 09, 2009
Another name for penis
Yo man, I heard Jimmy was playing the meat whistle last night!
by ILikePenguinsXI June 22, 2014
One who takes another man's manhood.
Big Rob was awaiting Richard Simons in the local restroom stop. He likes to blow on meat-whistles.
by the meat man November 01, 2002
Nice hard thick cock that a woman can't wait to get her mouth on.
Nicole couldn't wait any longer and ripped off Ned's drawz to get to his meat whistle
by naughtynurse July 25, 2007
the chad, the skin flute, the man with a plan
the tastiest meat whistle can be found at www.myspace.com/thechad_83
by attakki November 03, 2008

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