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when a man sucks a womans toe and its hairy and nasty.
guy: dayyymmm that tastes like meat loaf
girl: omg haha
guy: i love meat loaf

audience: "pukes"
by cookie songz June 29, 2010
11 16
(n) A cat relaxing with its front paws tucked out of sight under its chest. Usage originates with cartoonist Kliban's cat pictures.
Tiger is a happy meatloaf on the windowsill.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
81 86
An infant of such a young age (less than 6 months). Generally the baby is wrapped warmly and held. This gives the baby the appearance of a meatloaf.
Krista saw Cayte holding her meatloaf at the mall.
by HawieDied? September 01, 2009
7 13
Reffered to as the fat on a womans back. When she has on a bra, her meat loaf hangs out.
1. Girl walking by, man says to other man: If she was my girlfriend there will be no shortage of meatloaf in my house.

2. girl says to friends I can't wear that shirt, I'll look like I'm carring around meatloaf on my back
by oldcheesepuff May 26, 2007
6 12
A talented Rock and Roll artist with an amazing voice. His various hits have included "Bat outta Hell" "I would do anything for Love" and his latest single "Couldn't have said it better" He is currently on tour in over thirty countries.
(BTW, His real name is Marvin Aday)
Everyone's seen Meatloaf in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
by Lomia March 17, 2006
64 70
To recieve oral stimulation in a satisying and pleasing manner
Marty and Ryan enjoyed meatloaf at the dinner table, but not the edible kind

Eric is getting some meatloaf from Fredo
by Edmaster Funk September 27, 2005
31 37
homemade spam sent from an individual to his entire mailing list, usually jokes or pictures.
Ever since that dang noob got my address I get meatloaf every day.
by MaxRake May 31, 2005
25 31