An article of clothing worn by the runt of a group to flush out coyote (also known as coy dogs) from the backyard.
I bet you a meat jacket run through the woods that isotopes all contain one s orbitals.
by Darrell S. Tuttle June 04, 2005
Top Definition
The foreskin of a an uncircumcised penis.
Holy shit it's so cold out here that my dong has become a popcicle! I wish my parents didn't take my meat jacket away when I was born.
by Mike and Chase January 13, 2008
flesh; mortal coil; can also refer to artificial human, cyborg, or "skin job".
You can't trust those frackin' meat jackets. The milk of human kindness doesn't flow through their circuits.
by Rinibot July 11, 2008
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