For males only.
A friend of the preferred sex whom is of no sexual interest to you.

They are like meat-grinders because you find them super awesome, but you would never stick your dick into them.
Nah, she's just a meatgrinder.
by Jun Chon April 06, 2011
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a blow job given by a girl with braces
damn man, that chick with the headgear gave me the hugest meat grinder last night.
by Teddy June 04, 2004
When a guy holds his cock and cranks it like a handle and shits at the same time, making it look like an old fashioned meat grinder, as the shit falls to the ground
Paulie was standing in the locker room and pushed out a nice meat grinder for the boys.
by prtc October 17, 2006
a vagina that's been used and mangled to an extreme.
"Chris' mom is a meat grinder"
by hah_ya_crazy_bastard December 17, 2005
1. Front battle lines of a conventional war.
2. A neighborhood with a high homicide rate.
Private Snuffy is heading back to the meat grinder with his unit.
by Blowfish July 22, 2005
Defines the unfortunate time that a man or a woman receives oral sex from one who possesses braces on their teeth.

From the perspective of one who has never actually received a meatgrinder, it looks quite painful. However some claim that a meatgrinder isn't that bad. In fact some meatgrinder fans claim that 'it's an experience.'
Billy - "Joe, did Trish really give you a blowjob?"
Bob - "With chompers like that, I'd say it was a meatgrinder."
Joe - "It was an experience."
by Sorido May 03, 2006
When you are totally faced while at a concert and trying to fist pump but can't quite make it,and your hands going around in circles like your turning the handle on a meatgrinder. You also may be tired while doing this instead of being drunk
Deena: Hey I saw you at the concert last night. You looked tired

Jeff: Yeah, I was so faced that I ended up doing the meatgrinder all night
by Ellen Hardy February 22, 2009
A meat grinder is a childhood game that I used to play with my friends. One person goes at a time, you pull down your pants and shake your weiner and balls and make them slap the sides of your leg. The person who has the loudest "slap" wins, simple as that which means they have the biggest man weiner and balls. The other game is when you call someone out to do a meat grinder where ever they are. It will make anyone laugh, even fat chicks.
"Hey you won't"
"Do I need to do a meat grinder to make you happy?"
"Oh man, that slap made my boftt jiggle."
by Meat Grinder Champ February 16, 2009

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