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A man who tries to catch a glimpse at your package while pissing at the urinal.
Mike sure acts like a homo when hes meat gazin'.
by mark snider January 25, 2005
N. Man who is in a threesome with one women and another man who stares at the other mans ram rod instead of nailing the woman.
Dude, Chuck is such a MEAT GAZER. Chuck and I were nailing your sister last night, and Chuck would not stop meat gazing my junk.
by Dervienerslider November 03, 2009
A guy named Kevin who admires your package when your not looking.
Troy....Kevin is gazing your package! What a meat gazer!
by antigazer July 23, 2008
One who gazes upon meat(aka cock)....regularly.
Damn I didn't realize Phil was a fuckin meatgazer...
by evil moe April 26, 2006
glancing a few extra seconds or even minutes at a man's crotch
my mom is the biggest meat gazer to all of my friends...
by caliash December 03, 2009
1.Label for a man who publicly compares others penis size to potential sexual prowess.
2.Label for someone enlisting into the United States Armed Forces as a means of avoiding or shortening prison time.
Pvt. Cappliner is known as a meat-gazer.
by Tyrome Bling May 17, 2005
N. When a man is staring at another mans crotch in a homosexual way while the unsuspecting male is being victimized.
"Ah dude watch out for this meat gazer in the Cowboy's jersey."
by bobby dville October 08, 2007