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meat cigars is my giant wang being puffed on by brian's mom
Brian: "Mom, what're you doing?"
His Mom: "MMmmmmMMormrbsbmdmmmm" (Can't hear her cause my meat cigar is in her mouf)
by wantsome August 12, 2004
62 36

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a long 60 ring hard, erect cigar between a man's legs made of man meat. like any cigar a meat cigar gets smaller (turns into a cigar butt) after it's been smoked (or blown).
she smoked his seven inch meat cigar so thoroughly that his cigar was only a half inch long after she got done smoking it.
by titus June 15, 2004
38 12
1.a cigar made out of meat A.K.A Schlong, dong, woody, wang, etc.
don loves to smoke meat cigars!
by Woodrow May 06, 2003
36 14
homosexual oriented music
Dude, the Cure is all about meat cigars
by Punk May 10, 2003
2 8
The coolest band in the world
Man that Meat Cigars show last night rocked so hard my arms fell off!
by Funk April 25, 2003
1 8