To consume an obscene amount of meat resulting in perfuse sweating - anecdotal evidence can be followed by a "that's what she said" reference.
I'm so full of meat, I'm getting the Meat Sweats..." "That's what she said...
by new directions May 26, 2011
the point of eating too much that your already excreting sweat that smells like the food you just ate.
daym nigga im gettin meat sweats from the burgers i ate.
by j-gizzy December 07, 2005
when you have to take a dump so bad you can feel the turd poking out
Dude I gotta go, I got the meat sweats really bad and don't wanna shit myself!
by Hobbes69 October 18, 2013
The art of attending your favorite pizza establishment and ordering a significant portion of protein, usually pork, then sweating like it's going out of fashion.
Damn son, I've got me a case of the meatsweats.

Yep that'll do it, I'm meatsweating.

Holy meatseats, that was a ton of bacon.
by Meatsweatin' Michael December 30, 2013
An excessive amount of perspiration, due to the consumption of an enormous amount of pork BBQ, which leads to a bout of explosive diarrhea.
Uh Oh..That Gway dude just got the meat sweats from all the BBQ he consumed..He's pinching his checks together and trying to make it to the bathroom in time.
by Acedaddyyo August 28, 2011
sweating while eating some form of hot food containing meat, eg pies and pasties

usually an uncomfortable experience being too hot and sweating while eating hot meat
matt - "hows your pie john?"
john - "nice but getting some horrible meat sweats"
by mr t pully July 04, 2009
When your giving it to your girl so good she gets that all over her body sweat.
Dan, I want you to hit it so good I get the meatsweats!
by peeweeblonde July 18, 2014

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