The area of a woman's bikini or panties where the labia majora are clearly defined. This differs from a "camel toe" that creates a "w" shape, visible from the front only. The meat sack is more of a "u" shape and is visible from the front, back, or below. The meat sack is best viewed from behind when a woman wears a thong.
1) She's got a nice, tight meat sack.

2) Check out that girl in the pink bikini bending over- you can see her meat sack!

3) I was behind this hot blonde in yoga today, and every time she did downward facing dog, I caught a glimpse of her meat sack.
#pussy #labia #vagina #camel toe #panties
by Hollywoodknight November 18, 2011
Top Definition
someone with an I.Q. that rivals most sacks of meat,after the grinder(if it was befor,the grinder, theres no way thay would win.)
"YOU MEATSACK!"... god damn it
by Da.N February 24, 2005
a filthy, fleshy sack of meat, gland-juice, bone, stupidity, and other fluids
Bob Barker is a real meatsack.
by Johnny Vagabond June 21, 2005
a reference to the body in the fatalistic aspect that after it dies all it is a meat for something else to eat
We are all meatsacks.
by thegestalt May 03, 2005
Another word for the sack were testicals are founded
Damn dude you hit me in the meat sack
by Brenden Damon & Luke Fanshier February 15, 2003
boobs, fun bags, breasts, tits, etc.
wow, look at the meat sacks on her!
by projectmcl June 26, 2004
A baby, a annoying screaming baby...
Someone Shut that meat sack up!
by Rhentin May 19, 2004
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