1. noun: An edible, frozen confection flavored or concreted with bits of animal flesh.
2. noun: A penis or phallic appearing object.
3. interjection: From certain Anime/Manga circles, a nonsensical greeting or term of endearment.
1. "I could sure go for a meat popsicle on a hot day like this!"
2. "I could sure go for a hot meat popsicle on a day like this!"
3. "Hey, Meatpopsicle! I just got a new ep of Ranma!"
by Brighid N May 10, 2003
the male genetalia (slang)
"I was so bored in class that I whipped out my meat popsicle and started jerking off. I got a detention."
by D GuZ January 26, 2004

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