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1. a big,fat pussy that resembles a wall of meat
A bloody string was hanging from her meat fence, but it didn't matter because she gave me head instead.
by The Bucktooth Robot June 24, 2009
A man who is posing as a friend of an eligible single woman.

He is typically circling the perimeter of her life and does things like pay for her dinner, drive her kids to shcool, or flirt on her Facebook page in order to "keep out" the attentions of men who would actually like to date or touch her. Sometimes he even writes songs about her. He is beyond protective, discreetly jealous, and has the ability to swoop in and destroy the possibility that his single woman friend will become involved with another man from any distance. He is the ultimate cock blocker.
"You freakin' Meat Fence! I would be in a great relationship (with a man who will actually touch me) right now if you hadn't posted lies about our hot night in Vegas on my Facebook page.."

See also: cock block, cockblock, cock blocking, cock blocker, cocknlocker
by sokansas November 25, 2011

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