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English Definition: a colloquial scottish term reffering to the unusually high promiscuity of the female population of the newton mearns area.

Scottish Definition: durty slags fae the mearns who put oot fur 10p and half a mars bar
Example 1: mearns girls are such sluts that they're fannys have their own postcode

Example 2:
Rambo: awww mate that wee burd fae the mearns wis a quality shag last nite

Jimmy: mate, you pumped a mearns girl? ye better git fucking tested, ye've well caught sumhing man

Example 3:
See that lauren fae the mearns, shagging hur is like throwing a sausage doon the clyde tunnel, she's well a fucking mearns girl man.
by jamzaboy2k10m8 May 29, 2010