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A quote line to introduce a new topic of conversation, or to end a particualarly embarrassing line of talk.

Derived from the old horse operas where action at one point was interrupted to go to the ranch in question; This line being spoken by the narrator in order to assist the hard of thinking. ( A hold over from radio narration style )
A;"Anyway, how did your date with Sarah go?"
B:'OK, I guess . . . Did you know she was a hermaphrodite?"
A:"Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . . "
by D F Stuckey May 04, 2004
In a story, it means,"Meanwhile, in another part of the story,"and has nothing to do with ranches.
Timmy put the finishing touches on his painting. Meanwhile, back at the ranch , Lolita was finishing her cake.
by Newbia May 04, 2004
Used to make fun of the topic just discussed or change it entirely.

Probably derived from Dukes of Hazzard during a scene change.
Person 1:Speaking of dildoes, I just found my mom's stash the other day!
Person 2:Whoa! Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
by CheezyDee May 05, 2004
whats going on where you live.information that concerns you.
meanwhile, back at the ranch your mom was fucking your boyfriend.
by Squeakers May 04, 2004

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