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pot, weed, grass, mary-jane, the ganja
I got me some mean green that'll make you hit the floor.
by R Ford May 06, 2004
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Refering to either one of two definitions.

1) The nickname givin to the great, powerful, handsom, and strong Joshua Jeffery Green.

2) the less important nickname for UNT.
1) OMG! MeanGreen can i have your autograph?!?!?!?!

2)Mean Greens footbal team is ok i geuss.
by joshmeangreen July 28, 2008
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A green deuce or terd - usually rancid smelling. Indicates there's a problem with your digestive tract.
Man I just dropped the nastiest mean green. It smelled so horrid that people were puking in the restroom.
by Andyman April 22, 2004
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