1) Something out of the ordinary and causes tremendous impact.
2) A bitch who always thinks she's right and will not admit when she's clearly wrong. She can also be an ass at times.
1)Hey man, I was at the office the other day and ate chinese food for lunch. Right after that I had to take a mean shit.

2) Bob - Yo, I told that bitch that tomato sometimes is spelled with an "e" at the end. She told me it never is.
Tom - I know she is just fucking with you. You know she's always being mean.
#bitch #unkind #disagreable #cocksucker #ho
by MTBRAINS March 16, 2007
Top Definition
1. inf. To be inconsiderate and selfish

2. adj. So hot, sexy and/or tight it defies description and boggles the mind.

3. n. The sum of a series of numbers divided by the number of numbers.
1. He was so mean for not calling me back.

2. "I got this model chick/ She don't cook or clean/But she dress that @ss off/ And her walk is mean..." ~ Jay-Z

3. The mean of 1,2 and 6 is 3.
by redgyul September 21, 2004
really cool
brah thats a mean car
by in October 07, 2003
someone can be unkind
you are so mean
by haha July 07, 2003
1. To be cruel, spiteful, and malicious. To be ill tempered and disagreeable, difficult and troublesome.

2. To convey meaning. To indicate. To understand. The past tense would be "meant".

3. Midway between extremes, a medium.
1. Jimmy is a mean bastard, he smashed little Eric's toy flying saucers.

2. "You know what I mean, right Jenna?" asked Amy.

3.The average value of a set of numbers, is the mean.
#cruel #spiteful #malicious #understand #midway #medium #average
by OneBadAsp November 03, 2006
Johnny Drama's definition

"Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her"
E: And I'm not searching out a girl
just to fuck her.
-Why not?
E: 'Cause it's mean.
Johnny: Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her
#mean #bad #asshole #jerk #ass
by Arash2 September 25, 2007
1) Someone who is Greedy.
2) Someone who is Evil.
3) Someone who is not Not Kind.
4) Someone who is not Nice.
5) Someone who is a BITCH.
6) Someone who says/does hurtful things to other people.

Sarah: Kristen is so nice!
Ashley: I know!
Sarah: Jaci is such a bitch!
Ashley: Like totally shes way mean!
#mean #greedy #evil #not #nice
by SakuraSaku October 20, 2006
meaning cool OR nice
that was a mean dinner / thats mean
by kim February 14, 2005
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