a girl who is not only mean, but has premium pool skills.
wow, she's not just a pool hall hustler, she's a meangirl.
by Henry Lillian August 30, 2007
A little whore who tries to fit in by being a bitch. Most are abused by their family and turn to drugs and sex when they are older. Usually, the mean girls are seen in Middle school, High school, and sometimes college and late elementary.
Mean Girl 1: omg did you like see her but its so big and ugly
Mean Girl 2: lol ikr

And the teachers never take a fuckin' clue.
by InsaneChibi July 30, 2011
Girls that are preppy and snobby, usually the person describing them as mean isn't much better.
It can also be a phrase meaning that you wanna have sex with lesbians.
Person 1: Mean girls!!!
Person 2: ...Did you mean what I think you meant?
Person 1: :)
by whitewrappingpaper65 July 19, 2006
Mean Girl - is code for dominatrix. product of the millennials generation safe-code texting.
Can you hook me up with good mean girl this weekend? Slaves must ask mean girls for permission to release themselves.
by Crimson Habit June 24, 2016
1. dominatrix (they hurts my bum bum)
2. girlfriends who cheat (they don't hurts my bum bum enough)

synonyms for mean girl:

1. bitch
2. black girls
3. teenage girls and
4. your mom
1(dominatrix) That mean girl really hurt my bum bum... :_(
2(cheater) Your mother is a mean girl.
by NiggahsBeHanged December 03, 2010
a movie you masturbate too
I just got my welfare check in today so I decided to go see Mean Girls.
by kRaZyToM April 29, 2004
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