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Girls that are preppy and snobby, usually the person describing them as mean isn't much better.
It can also be a phrase meaning that you wanna have sex with lesbians.
Person 1: Mean girls!!!
Person 2: ...Did you mean what I think you meant?
Person 1: :)
by whitewrappingpaper65 July 19, 2006
126 114
a girl who is not only mean, but has premium pool skills.
wow, she's not just a pool hall hustler, she's a meangirl.
by Henry Lillian August 30, 2007
21 12
Girls that range from ages 8-22 (average) that believe the world belongs to them and them only. They gossip about anyone that stands up to them and ruin their life.
Popular girl 1: OMG, like, Brittany totes has the ugliest shoes!!
Popular girl 2: and did you see her makeup? UGH
They such mean girls
by MuffinZ June 10, 2014
5 0
1. dominatrix (they hurts my bum bum)
2. girlfriends who cheat (they don't hurts my bum bum enough)

synonyms for mean girl:

1. bitch
2. black girls
3. teenage girls and
4. your mom
1(dominatrix) That mean girl really hurt my bum bum... :_(
2(cheater) Your mother is a mean girl.
by NiggahsBeHanged December 03, 2010
12 52
NCS- mean bitches
NCS is based off of Mean Girls
by HoltonGRL June 20, 2004
72 116
a movie you masturbate too
I just got my welfare check in today so I decided to go see Mean Girls.
by kRaZyToM April 29, 2004
144 245