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is Arfo American slang for a million dollars$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
yo my nigg let me drop this bomb ass track so i can get my ticket yo dig
by d-bezzy March 11, 2005
food stamps, or money used to buy strictly food.
Whenever a rapper mentions a meal ticket, he is referring to getting money to afford to eat, or more directly, food stamps before there was EBT.
by pcshRealDeal October 08, 2012
another name for sugar daddy.
Gwendolyn: Monica, where are you getting all of this costly shit?
You don't even have a job!
Monica: Oh. All of that is from my meal ticket.
Gwendolyn: From what?
Monica: Not what, who!

Bianca: Dammit... I spent all of my money shopping and my refrigerator's empty. I'm hungry!
Yolanda: You don't get your paycheck until two weeks from now.
Bianca: I better find myself a handsome meal ticket!
Yolanda: Seriously.
via giphy
by gotmurc June 28, 2016
When you're on a list to be killed by someone.
You have to be careful going outside when your on someones mealticket.
by PinlLabelMoet March 30, 2011
It is a slang term used to describe a baby. Usually this term is for a young teenage woman who happens to have a child, or a woman with a low income supporting a child or several children. This isn't limited to females only, a couple, or a single male can also have fall into this category. Meal tickets regard to the fact that a child or baby, are considered a "ticket" to buying a meal, or another mouth to feed.
Did you know that Stephenie just had a kid?? Yea, that sucks, she just got herself a free meal ticket!
by The "Randem" boys December 12, 2007
an older man who shelters or showers with gifts/money his younger male lover.
"so what're you, his meal ticket?"
"no, dick is my WARD. says so on the cover."
by dagger_grrl October 11, 2003
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