A fun outgoing gal who is not afraid to twirl men's underwear above her head on live TV!
That's gal's a meach!
by Joe Bliney September 11, 2003
a part of a woman's body that makes a man feel real good. soft, warm, and sometimes fuzzy.

also, see vagina
Gotten any good meach lately?
by Hern-dog October 05, 2004

To meach is simply to urinate on someone else's crotch whilst they are asleep.
"Damn it! Who meached me?"
by meachinator March 27, 2010
Verb: To meach

The art of avoiding your lesson for as long as possible, whilst eating a pork pie.
1: "It's time for maths"
2: "Nah, I'm guna meach for a bit"
by anonymousgirl92 April 02, 2009
none of these above meanings are correct. meach- (adj., verb, noun, pronoun, adverb, singletory): it is a describing word.
I'm meachin all over the world.
I just meached to Miley Cyrus.
I just accidently meached in my shoe.
I am straight meachin.
Meached city.
Meachin it at COD.
Meachin on some beers.
Pavo just meached in bed.
T is meachin on the couch.
Kevo is meachin on B.
To meach or not to meach.
by I Eta Pi February 05, 2010

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