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1. Mexican lingo for "you aint shit".

2. Mexican Lingo for "Your nothing but my personal hand job monkey"

3. Mexican Lingo for "You can jerk me off you bastard"
President Bush : "Why dont you come up to my ranch for a visit president fox?"
President Fox (Mexico) : "Me la pelas George".
by Mela Pelan Todos January 07, 2004
Mexican lingo to express superiority on some one else's face, especially after said person announces an achievement; possibly equivalent to the English expression "suck on that!"
guy: saqué una B en el examen! // I got a B on the test!
cooler guy: yo saqué B+, me la pelas! // I got a B+, suck on that!
#mexican lingo #mexican phrase #in your face #me la pela #bite me
by Wytchkraft_corp April 21, 2015
Its a stronger way to say "I dont care" It would be like the english "I dont give a shit".
Me la pela lo que me tengas que decir

I dont give a shit whatever you have to say to me.
#give a shit #dont care #pasar #rude #coloquial
by trofff September 18, 2010
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