Me, me, me...
.. Me too.
by 1stConquest August 26, 2012
Like you, only better.
That guy wishes he was me
by someone..... December 12, 2010
Pure Awesomeness
If used in Second Person talking to me can be used as you
In third person as (S)He
Me: I am me. So I am pure awesomeness.

Friend: Your ARE pure awesomeness.

Stranger: He is so a ME.
by defgiva November 22, 2009
The most important thing in the Universe.
D'you know what the most important thing in the Universe is? It's me, that's what!
by Invisible Man 666 May 02, 2009
The person that is better than everyone else.
You only wish you were me!
by OurGorship April 05, 2008
The ultimate ego, selfishness and greed.
me me me everyone shout that, when will I hear you you you
by Ankido September 11, 2006
(pronounced “mee”) British and Irish slang mostly used for scumbags or low class uneducated people who replace “my” for “me”.
“I am going to me house” or “I will do it me self”
by J.V May 10, 2006

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