The most amazing person you will ever meet. Beautiful, intelligent, and fun.
Me myself and I
by lerrussia May 12, 2014
The ego of which is what's used to define any names you'll find on Urban Dictionary. I was going to give an extremely flattering description of myself, then I found that there are already dozens of other saps with the same ego problems I have who've already taken care of it for me!
Try searching your name. I guarantee everything you'll read will appear 100% true.
by Bob Melver September 08, 2010
Good guy
by they call me stacy May 12, 2014
You... DUH.
*sigh. I just told you what it meant.
by #selfiesonthebus October 22, 2013
1. a person who does not know how to say or refuse to say I.
2. a person who wants to tell someone else that they dont speak English.
Hi! me love you long time.
Sorry, me no speak Englishhhh.
by iowasian January 14, 2010
I'm ballen I'm so awsome
by kcmm2002 May 12, 2014
me is not u. me is me.
by blehblehbleh55 November 25, 2009

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