A very inexpensive wine beverage that is tasty with various fruity flavours with a mild scent, that can be passed off as juice or soda, when put in the right container ;) It adds a soothing warm sensation with a punch... you can't go wrong with MD 20/20. As you are "Confortably Numb" --- Pink Floyd
Great for a temp escape from stressful situations when you need it most. (i.e. Church, Home, Family, or Taking a load off of social or mental stress) Warning: May be addictive when drinking more than one or two a week which can make you feel woozy and out of it while sobering up. Use sparingly when possable.
by DJSpike August 01, 2004
A fact that few know about this beautiful substance is that MD actually stands for Mogen David, not Mad Dog.

Not that anybody actually cares what its true alias is; all that really matters is its splendid palette, subtle hints of artificial fruit and 13% alcohol content; a bottle being enough to slay a dragon.
This should most often be read out loud before cracking a bottle of the MD 20/20(copywritten):

20/20, Mogen Dee
I sure could go a bottle.
I think I’ll crack my shoesies on,
And off I’ll go-a-waddle.

Londis, Nisa, Aldi’s too,
I’m sure they all sell Dave.
But can they give me what I want?
It’s strawberreee I crave.

Mogen David’s what I need
But I.D’s what I lack.
If this fine man asks me for I.D
His jaw is sure to get cracked!

‘Uno of your finest strawberreee’
I tell the fine man as he comes.
‘Have you got I.D?’ he asks me,
‘Oh no, it’s for my mum!’

‘The benefit of the doubt I’ll give you, But this be warned I tell.’
‘Bad deeds be done upon this stuff,
You’re bound to go to hell!’

‘But no, dear man I think you’ll find
That I’m the Mogen master.’
‘Now come with me, my dear old boy,
And let us get-a-plastered!’

So off we go to Bothwell Lane,
A nasty night ahead.
We stank the Mogen to the dregs,
And the poor old man drops dead.

Now sure enough I’m damned to hell;
Man slaughter’s the name of the game.
But after cracking that bottle of joy,
I’d sure do it all again!

And bound to hell as I may be,
Hell’s turned out to be terrific.
Dirty women, rock & roll,
And they all think Mogen’s the shiznic!

So crack that lid, breathe that scent,
It’s certainly worth the do.
Mogen David is sure for everyone,
And chaps, this includes all of you.
by Codjywodj July 28, 2009
An inexpensive wine. Less than 4 dollars a bottle.
Wow, kiwi-lemon MD-20 20 tastes like total ass, tommorrow Im buying a 6 pack.
by Joel July 10, 2004
This is a mad ass time in a bottle get a bottle of md 20/20 and some ole english. Godamn ull get fucked up thats the mix right their for all the real homies who wanna get the girls real drunk even for people getting drunk to the head this shit gets you drunk..simple as that
This Shit Gets ya Drunk you Might Even Fight a Nigga!! -Dave Chappele
md 20/20 getcha real fucked up /plus the bitches get drunk so u might getcha dick sucked - Me,hahahahahah
by Texas All Day Baby~ July 25, 2006
an alcoholic beverage for pre-teens and toddlers; a drink you enjoy before you can walk or fight.
I saw a bunch of pre-teens drinking md 20/20. They were pre-teens. By that i meant they did not yet know what puberty was.
by Rudolf Schmitt December 28, 2009
AKA Mad dogg.Highly flammable liqour usually consumed via the eye ball
Terry get our shazza to eyeball that mad dogg
by anon March 31, 2004
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