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1. one person who works at a mcdonalds joint who works anything there... yes, even the janitor is a mcslave,
mcslaves sell food to make their life have a purpose.

2. one who eats at mcdonalds constantly
1. "my freind is a mcslave and he works at the register"

2. "that Mcslave is a fatass"
by xmastermattx May 01, 2008
noun: one who works at a McDonalds or another low-paying fast food chain
the mcslave had a mcjob
by Arkov Valaski February 02, 2004
A black guy/girl who works at Mc Donalds. Can also mean somone who works at Mc Donalds that has a sexual preference for being a gimp.
"Check that Mc slave workin at the cash register."
by ejk1986 May 23, 2006
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