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a hole that monkeys might fly out of.
traditionally an arsehole.
and monkeys might fly out of my mckelvey
by Dudders November 25, 2004
8 6
An uncircumsized penis that is coated in smegma and/or mold and obstructs the male pee hole making it very hard to urinate in a single direction.
"Dude, you better get that McKelvey snipped off before that penis cheese eats your whole dick off"
by Justin Capone September 25, 2005
23 16
when you wake up next to your teacher
Holy crap, who's car is in front of our house with a faculty parking tag? Ross must have had another McKelvey last night.
by Newman Rossie October 18, 2006
8 7
to get the urge to enter a word into the urban dictionary, particularly when associated with a useless southerner of irish descent.
i feel a mcKelvey coming on
by Dudders December 14, 2004
7 6
a bad haircut or hairstyle
have you seen the mckelvey on that
by Dudders November 26, 2004
3 3
someone who doesn't know how to add words to the urban dictionary.

a fuckwit
shut up McKelvey you gipsy
by Dudders November 30, 2004
3 5