The rapper that fronts the most.
The most is how much I front. It''s the amount.
by Banjooie December 13, 2003
Top Definition
Forerunner of nerdcore hiphop, independant artist. He is a gangster as he rides his bike without a helmet, commits mail fraud, and steals unlicensed samples.
So i heard tellin ya g to about the back up off me bat.
by en sto December 12, 2003
The most awesomeest rapper..........ever.
Holy shit it's MC Frontalot!
by Mattersy April 03, 2004
World's 579th-greatest rapper. Specializes in "Nerd-Core" hip-hop.
Yellow Laser Beams -

That's a nice gold bikini,
you make that?
Really shows off what ya got,
no mistake that's
one fine view of Chubacca you givin me
lower that down here
we'll be living the
linguisitic lifestyle of the protocol droid
by Alex December 07, 2003
MC Frontalot, the BEST rapper in the world!

Download some of his songs at:
DUDE! I WAS IN SAN FRAN. AND SAW MC Frontalot!!!! He was so cool!
by DJ April 18, 2005
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