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An extremely pleasurable past time which is considered by many as the most awesome activity one can partake in whilst alone. A mc fap nap consists of three individual activities in the following order:

1. Purchasing and consuming a large meal from McDonalds, at least a large double quarter pounder mcvalue meal or equivalent.

2. A well prepared and lengthy session of masturbation i.e. lights dimmed, lube, a high quality yet filthy porno.

3. A nap in a large comfy bed lasting at least 2 hours.

Side effects include extreme relaxation and feelings of contentment. Mc fap naps should be used sparingly, so as not to diminish the pleasurable effects of the mc fap nap (too much of a good thing). One should also be careful not to overdose on the awesomeness one experiences whilst engaging in this activity, as such a mistake may prove fatal.
Joel, after a particularly long day of listening to trance, breaking things and stalking pwt on Facebook, needed to unwind. He got into his 4wd and drove to Maccas and obtained 2 medium double cheeseburger meals. When he arrived home he got naked and consumed his prey in the om nom nom fashion. He then lit some scented candles and dimmed the lights, put on some mood music (Armin van Buuren) and got out the baby oils and put on his favourite episode of Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures and began furiously mangling his meat. After cleanup he curled up in his bed for a nice arvo nap before his dinner of beef jerky and chocolate milk. When his "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" alarm clock woke him he unfurled from the fetal position he always sleeps in stretched out and revelled in the awesomeness of the mc fap nap he had just undertaken. All is well.

by Redhead and the fat man January 08, 2009
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