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at a bar/bat mitzvah u wuld say congratulations to the person being bAR/BAT mitzvahed "Mazel tov!"
by blah BLAH blah June 07, 2003
What jews say when they're about to come.
Zona: Oh, Sarsur. Stick your muzion in my okhel!
Sarsur: Ah yes! I shall thrust my makolet in your darkon! Oh, wait, wait, uh MAZEL TOV!
by dirtybeandip January 08, 2012
Congratulations. Often used in a jocular or sarcastic manner.
1. Becky: "It's my birthday today."
Moe: "Mazel tov."

2. Moe: "I just failed my chem paper."
Becky: "Mazel tov. Good luck getting into uni."
by Diacetylm0rphine February 13, 2010
When one celebrates the acquiring of a new smoking piece by wrapping an old one up in a napkin, smashing it, extracting the resin from the broken bowl and shaft, and smoking a resin ball.
We did a mazeltov last night with Tommy's new bong; we got so high.

I mazeltoved the other night with my new bubbler; my breath reaked.
by cthuluhulu May 28, 2011
The Mazeltov is created when you are haveing sex with a girl or male (doggystlye) once in position you place a weed/cannabis grinder on your head (with or with out weed inside) and repeat the word Mazeltov saying it louder and more aggressive with every thrust, The aim is to keep the grinder on your head for as long as possible.
That bitch took a 22 thrust Mazeltov the other week what a slag!

Fancy a Mazeltov? Not on this day!

My mate chris gives the best mazeltovs you ever seen !
by The Fist 87 May 19, 2010
A word that has any definition in the world.
Hey, put down my book you mazeltov.

Go mazeltov a cow.
by Kyle ----- April 20, 2006
a phrase used by jewish children in christian schools to piss off devout people.
*teacher looks at Bob* "Bob, you failed again." *Jewish kid in corner says* "Mazel Tov, Bob!!!!"
by Malekhamoves March 14, 2004
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